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about us


Wayward barbershop is a place for everyone. Our space is designed to make you feel like you’re kicking it in the world’s best living room. Throw on a record, grab a drink, and sink into a seat. Make yourself at home amongst the good conversation, laughs, and stellar haircuts.

Our passion lies in crafting a grooming service that makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself.

From the barbershop classics like pomps, fades, and straight razor shaves to the razor cuts, mullets, and shags taking over the main stage — we do it all.


Our Bread and Butter

A haircut crafted in the image of you. Finished with a hot lather neck shave, steamed towel, and locally sourced craft aftershave. All haircuts come with a light beard trim with clippers only.

— $35 to $50 —

beard trim
w/ straight razor detail

Beard trimmed and styled to your specification with a straight razor shave. Service includes beard balms and oil, hot lather, steamed towels, soothing lotion, locally sourced craft aftershave, and a massage of the head and face.

— $35 to $50 —

straight razor
wet shave

Expertly administered shave of the entire face. Service includes a plethora of steamed towels, multiple rounds of hot lather, soothing lotion, locally sourced craft aftershave, and massage of the head and face.

— $35 to $50 —


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Matthew Galbraith

Matthew is the newest apprentice on the Wayward team but has been practicing for this moment for most of his adult life. The kinda guy who carries a mirror in his pocket and a comb up his sleeve just in case, you’ll never catch this dude with a hair out of place. Needless to say, Matthew has an eye for the details - the type of fella who you might find ironing his T-shirts on a school night. Having spent the last fifteen years leading teams of all sizes, Matthew’s ability to deliver an amazing service and confidently speak to anyone under the sun is second to none. It is our delight as journeymen to lead him through his apprentice experience and pass down the time honoured craft that is barbering. Book with Matthew knowing he has the full endorsement of the Wayward team.
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Em is a collection of stardust formed into the shape of a human and dropped upon us from the cosmos. Although just beginning their apprenticeship journey Em is an absolute natural at all things creative and is a perfect fit for Team Wayward. The same hands that craft rad stuff out of wood, slap a phat bass line, and pet their cats Jimmi and Ruby are now available to craft your beautiful follicles into something fancy. Come be a part of the time-honoured tradition of passing down the trade of barbering and get in on the ground floor with our latest and greatest!
They are also a Gemini - make of that information what you will.
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warren forgie (He/Him)

Warren has spent the better part of a decade diving head first into the culture and history of barbering. Having travelled overseas to spend time at the Schorem Academy in Rotterdam as well as training domestically with the Glassbox team, Warren is never one to shy away from going the distance to further his craft and the results show in his work and robust client base. Warren has a passion for the crisp lines barbering is known for but also knows when and how to shatter those lines to produce a result that is tousled, textured and full of life. Warren is consistently going above and beyond to provide an exceptional customer service experience that makes his clients feel like family.
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Kristyn King

Kristyn has a lifelong passion for haircutting and an eye for design and style. Having cut her teeth doing haircuts since she was a kid in back rooms for friends and family, Kristyn approaches haircutting from a visceral perspective under the mantra “if it feels good do it”. Kristyn has travelled both internationally and domestically going as far as Rotterdam to train under the Schorem Academy to bring you the best haircutting experience possible. From lived in razor shags to flat tops — all her bases are covered. Kristyn has an uncanny ability to make any person in her chair feel like they are exactly where they belong.
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Andrew Helinski

Straying beyond the boundaries of what one would find of your typical barber, Andrew is a connoisseur of crafting haircuts that are wearable and built around the client’s lifestyle. Andrew is just as comfortable working with creative hairlines and artistic accents as he is recreating barbershop classics. Andrew has a passion for architecture, bold designs, and strong shapes which translates into his haircutting and the photography that follows. Andrew is an absolute gem of a human who could make anyone in front of him feel like the star of their own sitcom.
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